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Preserve your food and reduce waste with our Vacuum Sealable Bags. Designed to reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent volatile components from evaporating, these 15cm x 20cm x 70mic bags come in a convenient 100-pack. Perfect for storing leftovers or preserving fresh ingredients, vacuum packing is the modern solution to food preservation.

  • Vacuum Bags - 15cm x 20cm x 70mic 100s


  • Vacuum packing is the way to go nowadays. Nobody wants to throw away the food leftovers. For those that don’t possess fridges, this can be the best way to preserve food by using our food vacuum pouches.
  • The food vacuum bags reduce the atmospheric oxygen and hence reduce the growth of aerobic bacteria which causes food decay. Food packages also prevent the most volatile components from evaporation.
  • The main idea behind food vacuum bags is to remove air which is the main cause of food decay.
  • Domestic Vacuum Sealer bags is suitable for home vacuum sealers and many more. These bags have a special embossed surface which creates channels for the air to be pulled directly from the bag itself. Vacuum bags will stop oxygen from penetrating through the bag which will significantly extend the shelf life and flavour of your food, prevent freezer burn, dehydration loss, and eliminating waste. Great for food or non-food uses like preserving collectibles, documents, silver or electronic items!


  • Packing : 100s
  • Clear Polyethylene Bag 
  • Size : 15 x 20cm
  • Thickness : 70mic

Vacuum Sealable Bags 15cmx20cm 70mic 100pack

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Vacuum Sealable Bags 15cmx20cm 70mic 100pack

Vacuum Sealable Bags 15cmx20cm 70mic 100pack

Bubbles Business Park, 11 Cobalt St, Industria

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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