This Teflon Stick Tape features a 30mmx300mm PTFE-coated glass cloth, providing superior heat-resistance and durability. Perfect for a variety of applications, this tape's high-temperature tolerance up to 260°C and its non-stick surface make it ideal for automotive and industrial projects.

  • Teflon Stick Tape 30mmx300mm PTFE Coated Glass Cloth
  • PTFE Coated Glass Cloth / Teflon Tape

PTFE Coated Glass Cloth/Teflon Tape combines the properties of PTFE (Teflon) with the strength of glass cloth. PTFE Coated Glass Cloth has good heat and chemical resistance along with excellent non-stick properties. It is available in plain or adhesive backed.


  • Adhesive: High performance PTFE coated glass cloth, with high performance silicone adhesive. Brown with yellow release line.
  • Anti-Static (Adhesive): Anti-static grade, high performance PTFE coated glass cloth with 0.13 mm thick carbon fill with adhesive (CS). Black with yellow release liner. 


  • It is used in making non-stick cookware, making an anti-friction device,for coating medical appliances (surgical devices).
  • including cookware, clothing, personal care products, and manufacturing. Its most versatile feature is that it can be applied to almost anything without compromising the integrity or shape of the coated item.
  • Heat sealing machines
  • Baking sheets
  • Blister packaging
  • This Sheeting is 30mm wide 
  • Will supply in one continuous piece!
  • Please be aware even though our photos are a good likeness to the product colors, individual computers do differ

Teflon Stick Tape 30x300mm PTFE Coated Glass Cloth

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Pickup available at Bubbles Business Park, 11 Cobalt St, Industria

Usually ready in 24 hours

Teflon Stick Tape 30x300mm PTFE Coated Glass Cloth

Teflon Stick Tape 30x300mm PTFE Coated Glass Cloth

Bubbles Business Park, 11 Cobalt St, Industria

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

11 Cobalt Street
North West
South Africa


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