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Description & Specifications

This 250pack of Jumbo Plastic Carrier Bags is perfect for grocery stores, retail stores, and markets. Featuring a 25mic VTC virgin high density polyethylene material, these bags are strong and can hold a large amount of weight. For increased ease of use, they also have strong handles and large carrying area. Shop confidently with these jumbo plastic bags.

  • VTC Carrier - Plastic Shopping Bag - Jumbo 25mic Virgin 250Pack
  • Volumetric Weight: 
  • Carry Weight : 
  • Dimensions:34cm width +9cm (18cm) gusset both sizes x 65cm Height x 25mic Thickness


  • Plastic Carrier bags are made from High Density Polyethylene that can withstand weight and is rigid, robust, and durable
  • These bags are produced subject to Government Specifications and Legislation
  • This bag is NRCS Approved. 
  • Eco Friendly 100% Bio-Degradable  / Recyclable
  • Price per Pack of 250s
  • Available in White
  • Bale 1000


  • High Density Polyethylene (HD)
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE): This has minimal number of branches of chains resulting from polymerization. This leads to densely packed and bonded molecules making this type of polyethylene rigid, robust, and durable
  • High density trash bags have a different manufacturing process than low density trash bags, making them thinner and not as puncture resistant. However, they can still carry very heavy loads that are not rough-edged such as clothing, towels and dirt.
  • High density bags are a great choice for office and restroom waste, shredded paper and in public areas where sharp trash is not deposited.
  • High density bags can easily be identified by their clear appearance and crinkly feel. Because they use less plastic, high density bags are generally less expensive than their low density cousins, providing a cost-effective solution.
  • High density bags are most often measured in microns, which is one thousandth (.001) of a millimeter.

Jumbo Plastic Carrier Bags 25mic VTC Virgin White 250pack

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Pickup available at Bubbles Business Park, 11 Cobalt St, Industria

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Jumbo Plastic Carrier Bags 25mic VTC Virgin White 250pack

Jumbo Plastic Carrier Bags 25mic VTC Virgin White 250pack

Bubbles Business Park, 11 Cobalt St, Industria

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

11 Cobalt Street
North West
South Africa