Effortlessly serve greasy and oily takeaway foods with these Greaseproof Paper Bags! Made from renewable resources, these eco-friendly bags are compostable and recyclable. From pies to french fries, these bags keep all messes contained while reheating in the microwave. Say goodbye to single-use plastic and switch to these sustainable bags today!

  • Grease Proof Paper Bags - No 1 100s
  • Price per pack of 100


  • Greaseproof Paper Bag No 1, is the sustainble solution for takeway food items that are slightly oily or greasy
  • They are the eco-friendly solution as they are compostable, recyclable and made from renewable resources
  • Can serve foods like pies, slap chips, french fries, croissant, confectionery foods and more.
  • From greasy mozzarella sticks and hash browns to fresh french fries or gooey chocolate chip cookies, this french fry bag has your needs covered! It's steamer and microwave safe, so you can reheat foods without removing them from the bag, and its grease-resistant design ensures that any grease, sugar, salt, melted chocolate, or other messes stay inside the bag and not on customers' hands.
  • Material : Made from a high-grade white grease-resistant paper
  • Type: Also known as grease resistant flat bags – GP1
Dimensions / Size 140 x 175mm
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Greaseproof Paper Bags No.1 100pack

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Greaseproof Paper Bags No.1 100pack

Greaseproof Paper Bags No.1 100pack

Bubbles Business Park, 11 Cobalt St, Industria

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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