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Borcam Glass Baker Tray Square with handle (21.5x5.9) 4004Borcam Glass Baker Tray Square with handle (21.5x5.9) 4004
Borcam Rectangular Tray 3L 24080
Borcam Rectangular Tray Rectangle 2.7L 24079
Borcam Square Tray 1.9L 23834
Sale priceR 156.00
Borcam Square Tray 2400ml 23260Borcam Square Tray 2400ml 23260
Borcam Square Tray 1040ml and 1950ml 2pack 23037Borcam Square Tray 1040ml and 1950ml 2pack 23037
Borcam Roast Square Cover 25.6x22x6cm 23797Borcam Roast Square Cover 25.6x22x6cm 23797
Borcam Casserole with Lid 16.5x14.5cm 41027
Borcam Tray 3.85L Rectangular 24041
Borcam Tray 1.08L Square 24042
Sale priceR 144.00
Borcam Tray Round 1.720L 24040
Sale priceR 121.00
Borcam Cassrole Red Lid 450ml 24218Borcam Cassrole Red Lid 450ml 24218
Borcam Oven Dish Rectangle 3800cc 23061
Borcam Tray rectangle Midium 1.320L 23844
Borcam Roaster Rectangle 330x180x50cm 23064
Borcam Bowl 265mm Tempered 23830
Borcam Bowl 215mm Tempered 23829
Borcam Roaster Square 28.2x6cm 23645Borcam Roaster Square 28.2x6cm 23645
Borcam Roaster Square 256x220mm 23644
Borcam Casserole Set 2Pcs Set 23050
Borcam Tray Round with Handle 23043Borcam Tray Round with Handle 23043
Borcam Tray 2 Piece Set 23036
Sale priceR 352.00
Borcam Loaf Pan Rectangle 25x11.5cm 23045
Borcam Tray 1040mm Square 23843Borcam Tray 1040mm Square 23843
Borcam Loaf Dish 1120mm Rectangle 23845
Borcam Glass Baker Tray Round with handle (21x25x5) 40006Borcam Glass Baker Tray Round with handle (21x25x5) 40006
Borcam Tray Round 260mm 23307
Sale priceR 116.00
Borcam Tray Rectangular 400x270mm 23309Borcam Tray Rectangular 400x270mm 23309
Borcam Casserole 840ml Round with Cover 23079
Borcam Pie Dish 320mm Borcam 23059Borcam Pie Dish 320mm Borcam 23059
Borcam Tray Rectangular 1320c 23670
Borcam Tray Grill Round 318.5mm 23308
Borcam Souffle Bowl 219mm 23312 FlBorcam Souffle Bowl 219mm 23312 Fl
Borcam Bowl 170mm Tempered 23828
Borcam Casserole Rectangle with Cover 1300ml 23838
Borcam Casserole  Round Red 251x220Borcam Casserole  Round Red 251x220
Borcam Casserole Round Red 251x220mmBorcam Casserole Round Red 251x220mm
Borcam Casserole Round with Cover 1450ml 23762
Borcam Casserole Dish with Lid 3000ml 23078Borcam Casserole Dish with Lid 3000ml 23078